From February 1 - February 29 of 2016, there will be temporary Staff. If anyone wishes to be a temporary Staff please contact me. Ways of contact: TwistedTeaTreeChat. If you have any other concerns about current Staff please feel free to contact me. I have also extended the Staff. If anyone else wishes to become Bureaucrat*, Rollback, Chat Mod, Content Mod or Discussions Mod, you now have more opportunity.

Happy Hunting!

TwistedTeaTree, aka Twist


There will be temporary Staff until we gain more contributions. If you wish to be a temporary Staff please contact our Founder. There will be one Founder, two Administrator's, three *Bureaucrat's, four Rollbacks, four Chat Mods, four Mods, four Discussion Mods. If you do not use these rights correctly, you will be taken from your rights. Obey the rules and you might just be granted rights.

Founder TwistedTeaTree
Administrator Sonorous EliteNinjaWarrior
Bureaucrat* Sonorous Thatoldbarnxx Open
Rollback Open Open Open Open
Chat Moderator XxFoxyFoxesxX XxRainbowCupcakexX Open Open
Content Moderator XxMeowzers03Xx Open Open Open
Discussions Moderator Snowpatch101 RobinTheBird AJ Open Open

Becoming Staff 

If anyone has any requests to become a Staff, please contact TwistedTeaTree first.